The grocery shop of the Moulin

On the border of the Drôme valley, the Vercors, the Royans and the Diois, the grocery store of the hotel-restaurant Moulin de la Pipe, enables you to discover an exceptional area

Our region is rich and very varied. Whether it is from the Drôme, the Ardèche, the Vercors or the Isère, at the hotel restaurant Le Moulin de la Pipe, we love it and we want to share it, for you to discover either on your plate in our restaurant or in our grocery store. In our P'tite Échoppe, you will find flagship and local products elaborated by faithful producers selected for the quality of their work: artisan beers, organic jams, syrups of plants, honeys, wines and Clairettes, biscuits apéritif, pognes ...

  • Our artisan beers, unfiltered, unpasteurized, without dyes or preservatives brewed by the brewery of the Val de Drôme in Saoû with water from our source: The blonde, "Pipe beer from the source" and amber, "L 'Omblézienne'
  • A wide range of tasty organic jams, artisanal "Flavors of the Vercors" (Lans-en-Vercors): classics andalways appreciated: raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, currant, chestnut, quince, rhubarb ... to more original flavors: cynorhodon (rose bush), barberry, orange barbarin, lemon citrus, elderberry, chestnut nut rum, dandelion flowers ...
  • Beautiful "La Fée des Champs" plant syrups (Beaufort sur Gervanne) which are both thirst quenching and good for your health, to appreciate as a drink, herbal tea, kitchen or kir
  • The delicious honeys of the Chardons Bleus honey beekeeper-producers (Beaufort sur Gervanne)
  • "Sweet" sweets and organic Pescher Mignon of fruits and plants
  • Our refreshing wines labeled "Cuvée du Moulin de la Pipe" of the Domaine des 3 becs, which practices sustainable agriculture (Saillans), Red grape Syrah, White grape Sauvignon, Rosé grape variety Cinsault.
  • Sparkling Clairettes, Tradition Bio by Jean-Claude Raspail (Saillans) or the Tradition of the Domaine des 3 becs (Saillans)
  • Les Pognes artisanales and aperitif biscuits with olives, Croc Déli Drôme (Cléon d'Andran)
  • The artisanal cooked meats of the Ardèche, Maison Teyssier (since 1871), tasty and unmissable, delicately fragrant sausages, and dishes cooked with love, always very pleasantly presented in glass jars

and also: baguette bread, all day cooking, organic corn galette, P'tit Léoncel cheeses and organic yoghurts from Gaec de la Grange, butter and cottage cheese from the Fromagerie des Monts Yssingelais, Ravioles de la Mère Maury

We are exceptionally closed

Thank you for your interest in our hotel-restaurant.Unfortunately due to the death of the owner Franck Laforest we are exceptionally closed...

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